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About the College of Marin English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

For over forty-five years, College of Marin has been addressing the needs of Marin County's English learners through its high-quality English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs. The program's Foundational Skills and Focused Skills classes have helped countless Marin residents and international students from over 100 countries fulfill their educational, career, and personal goals. The program covers all levels of ESL from very beginning English to transfer-level English. Most classes are offered for noncredit (free) and the higher levels are also offered for credit ($$).

Foundational Skills ESL Classes

Beginning to intermediate Foundational Skills ESL classes (levels 10 to 40) take an integrated skills approach practicing the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary for everyday and employment situations through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. These classes help students improve their English so that they can communicate in their everyday life, get a better job, help their children in school, and prepare for citizenship. We also offer vocational ESL classes for students who would like to work in customer service. These classes are offered free.  

Focused Skills ESL Classes: High Intermediate to Advanced ESL Classes 

The intermediate and advanced level classes (levels 50 to 80, plus ENGL 98SL and ENGL 120SL) are more skills-focused – with separate classes for grammar and writing, reading and vocabulary, listening and speaking, and pronunciation. Students who progress through the higher-level sequence may eventually take college-level English and work towards career certificates, degrees, or transfer to a university.

Focused Skills classes - Level 60 to 80 - are open to students registering either for noncredit or credit.

Level 50 to level 80 classes are offered free if students register as noncredit. 
Students taking these classes for credit (levels 60 and above) will pay instructional fees and other fees depending on their US and California residency status. Please see Paying for College.
If you are interested in taking English as a Second Language Classes at College of Marin for Credit ($$), please see a counselor first. For more information, please go here: https://ss.marin.edu/counseling

Updated 4/16/2023